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License free analogue radios

Licence free walkie talkies are used in a wide range of retail and educational environments

Do you need basic point to point communications from your shop floor to store room, or playground to office…. the Licence free PMR446 radios are ideal. All of the radios sold under this licence are capable of talking to each other, and all of the radios are rated at .5 watt transmit power and will give approximately the same range.

The main choice is governed by the environment the radio will be used in. The HYT TC610 PMR446 is ideal for outdoor users as it has a high degree of water resistance, while the ICOM446 and Vertex VX241 PMR446 are ideal for most other users, as they have a large battery capacity to allow for a long working day. If you require increased range, privacy, and more features, then the Kirisun digital dPMR446 radio may be the ideal solution.

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