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Consam Products

Consam produce a range of high quality radio accessories. In particular Consam make an extensive range of rack charger housings for most of the two-way radios available in the UK. We make chargers for Icom, Kenwood, Vertex, Motorola, Hytera, Eads, Kirisun etc. In addition to rack charger housings, Consam also manufacture a comprehensive range of desk top power supply consoles to convert a vehicle radio into high quality desk unit.



Bespoke Two Way Radio Projects

We have considerable experience in the making of one off prototypes and short run specialist units, such as complete communications systems fitted onto waterproof boxes, charger specifically build for use in Fire engines, wired communications systems for use in the blasting industry, and a variety of radio fitted into specific enclosures to allow them to be used for gate opening communications etc.