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Base Radios

Consam can supply a range of the latest DMR Digital repeater radios from Hytera, Vertex, Kirisu, and Motorola. These radios will give a radios system a far greater range than simple “back to back” hand led radios, and allows DMR radio to fully demonstrate the great leap forward that it represents over traditional two-way radio. The DMR system allows two conversation at the same time, on the same channel, thus doubling the channel capacity of the radio system. You can now have two user groups using the same single repeater at the same time without interfering with each other.

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Base Radios:

  • rd625_l-350x350

    Hytera RD625

    5 out of 5
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    This is Hytera bread and butter repeater that covers 80% of system requirements. The radio can be linked to other repeater systems via IP to allow the system to cover either a single very large site, or multiple sites anywhere there is internet access.

  • hytera RD965

    Hytera RD965

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    A truly unique product in that it is a waterproof repeater that can simply be fitted to a post and left outside. Ideal for really tough, wet and dusty environments.

  • hytera RD985

    Hytera RD985

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    Rack mountable DMR base station. Perfect for the busy system that requires a cabinet mounted repeater  radio. It is available in the RD985″s” version that allows the unit to be upgraded to the more advanced XPT or Tier 3 trunking protocols.