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Hytera 2-Way Radios

Analogue radios has been used on industry and the blue light services since the early 1960. Since then, as equipment developed and became smaller, and more efficient, they have become a standard tool in most sector of manufacturing, distribution, retail and education. Since the early 1980’s when radios shrank in size with the introduction of transistor, hand held radios have spread through every section of business and education. The basic analogue function – “Press and Talk” has remained unchanged for 40 years, and is still ideal for many basic radios users who do not need any of the features that are built into Digital Mobile Radio (DMR). If you have an existing analogue radios system, don’t panic that your system will become obsolete, because nearly every DMR radios on the market today has the ability to operate on the legacy Analogue systems as well and DMR systems. This makes it relatively easy to gradually switch a system from analogue to the more efficient DMR mode of operation.

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Hytera 2-Way Radios

  • hyt x1 G

    Hytera X1 Charger

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  • HYT TC610 rack

    Hytera TC610 charger

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  • PD985[G]-Hytera_PD985_01_Fron

    Hytera PD985

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    Professional and versatile, the Hytera PD985 is the ultimate handheld digital radio. Offering a range of advanced features and an exceptional audio experience, the PD985 can be utilised in all manner of working environments, playing an integral role in your communication network.

  • MD655-Hytera_MD655_05_Angl

    Hytera MD655

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    Perfectly formed and user friendly, the Hytera MD655 mobile digital radio is a reliable companion for secure communication. Operated on a desktop or mounted in a vehicle, the MD655 excels through its simple operation via the handheld microphone.

  • MD61X_06 (1)

    Hytera MD615

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    Compatible with analogue conventional and digital conventional modes. This allows the MD615 to simultaneously monitor analogue and digital modes, automatically responding in each mode. This presents an easy solution when migrating from analogue to digital.

  • X1p-Hytera_X1p_01_Front

    Hytera X1P

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    Slim and lightweight, the Hytera X1p handheld digital radio offers the perfect combination of ruggedness, versatility and refined design with LCD screen and keypad to enable advanced covert communications.

  • X1e-Hytera_X1e_01_Front

    Hytera X1

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    Slim and lightweight, the Hytera X1 handheld digital radio offers the perfect combination of ruggedness, versatility and refined design to enable covert communications.

  • PD565-Hytera_PD565_01_Fron

    Hytera PD565

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    Packed with functionality, the Hytera PD565 handheld digital radio impresses with its safety features and flexibility to support for both digital and analogue communications, ideal for manufacturing, events and hospitality environments.

  • Hytera_PD485_01_Front

    Hytera PD485

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    Highlights of the new PD485 include a full-sized keypad, an OLED display, dedicated emergency button and optional Bluetooth® and GPS. This compact DMR radio offers customers versatile, professional communication possibilities at a very moderate price.

  • Hytera PD685

    Hytera PD685

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    Full Band 400-527 Dual Mode (Analog & Digital) Dual mode (analog & digital) operation ensures a smooth analog to digital migration. Secure Communication Provides basic/advanced digital encryption and Scrambler feature in analog mode. Advanced Signaling Supports multiple advanced analog signaling modes, including HDC1200, 2-Tone and 5-Tone, providing better integration into existing analog radio fleets. The […]

  • Hytera PD405 entry level professional DMR radio

    Hytera PD405

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    Highlights Integrated RFID reader (PD415) With the integrated RFID reader, the PD415 can read information from an RFID tag and transmit this information automatically by radio. In this way the radio supports the Hytera Patrol System. Patrol System with the PD415 The Hytera Patrol System is a patrol system for the management of patrol information. With the aid […]

  • hytera pd365LF

    Hytera PD365 licensed

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    The smallest display radio on the market. Perfect for the retail and education environment, allowing private calling and text messaging.