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Recent Projects

Posted on Apr 19, 2017 by in Consam Blog | 0 comments

System 1 – Large building development site

Consam have recently installed a system consisting of 3 Hytera RD625 repeaters. This gives the customer 6 simultaneous voice channels. The customer has around 30 Hytera PD6XX series divided into the six work groups, allowing them to have instant access to all the radios in the group.

System 2 – Hospital Comms

We installed two RD625 repeaters at two North West Hospitals, allowing various important users to have instant access to a radio channel without having to share the channel with the other many users on site.

System 3 – Golf Course Ligtnening Siren

Consam have developed a DMR based system that allows a golf club manager to trigger a remote siren to warn players that the course is officially closed due to lightening. A Hytera PD665 is used to remotely turn on and off the high volume siren. The Hytera DMR radios give confirmation that the trigger has been sent and completed. Both the “on” and “off” commands are confirmed on the hand held PD665.

System 4 – Logistics Centre

Consam recently installed a Hytera repeater and 17 hand held Hytera PD405 radios into a new distribution centre in Leicester. The entire process from enquiry to installation took 3 days.

System 5 – Manufacturing Plant

Recently supplied and installed a major Hytera System consisting of 2 Hytera RD625 repeaters, IP linked together to give coverage into an underground area, along with a total of over 120 Hytera PD6XX series hand held and vehicle mounted Hytera radios.